Current Project--Get on Board the "Move the Caboose" Train!
Granville County Historical Society has obtained a donation from CSX Railroad of an old all steel CSX Caboose built in March 1975 and presently located in Durham, NC.  The plan is to locate the caboose at the Granville Museum in Oxford, NC where it will beome an additional exhibit, and provide a venue for children's birthday parties and other gatherings.  Due to the age of the caboose regulations will not allow for the transporting by rail, so the caboose will have to be alternatively moved.  This caboose has also been sealed for a number of years and will likely require extensive refurbishing on the inside as well as painting on the outside.  The estimated cost to make this caboose an exciting addition to the Curt Tillotson Train Depot and our Granville Museum exhibits is around $40,000.  We need your help!  
Any donation is appreciated, but consider this.  If only 2,000 of our estimated almost 60,000 residents contributed $20 each, the money would be available quickly. 
Just Imagine...
Restored Condition Possibility
Color not Certain Yet
1975 CSX Caboose before....
At Durham Rail Yard (Doors and Windows Welded Closed)
Present Location Photos
Please support Granville Museum as you get on board the "Move the Caboose" train.